dilluns, 18 de maig de 2015

my time in Castelló

Dear blog: we have to talk... This is over; it's not you, it's me. I'm gone.

As you will already know if you have read my recent work on the blog, I'm finishing baccalaureate. In fact, I already have. I've survived final exams and all there's left to do now is preparing university entrance examinations.

My time in Castelló is over and my path in life starts to define... now it's probably the best moment to look back and check how much have I improved since I started writing on this space. As I consider, there's quite a difference between my first posts on September 2013 and the last stuff I have been publishing these days.

To check this difference, I've searched my first post here ever, titled "My dreams". On that post I talked about my aspirations in life and about some short-term dreams. Compared with my last work it's easy to notice an obvious lack of vocabulary both for adjectives and verbs. The structure of the text was simple and so were my sentences. I've detected mistakes, some of which are possibly typing mistakes, but not all. To my surprise, I've discovered that I wasn't very fond of using capital letters back then!

Apart from the linguistic aspects that you can check if you go to the link above, I've noticed a personal development. I've laughed at myself when I've read that I already wanted to be an architect, however, I did not only want to design buildings, but also challenge the laws of physics! I'm glad to check that I've achieved one of the short-term dreams I exposed there: I've obviously improved a lot my sailing skills.

If we focus now on my current English competence, we could say I've reached the C1 level, which I expect to achieve officially on Saturday 6th of June, when I'll be doing the Advance level Cambridge exam. Referring to writing skills, I feel whenever I write a significant improving on my vocabulary and sentence structures as well as an improvement on my text structures and also maturity. A good example of that would be my post "Every day closer"; rich in connectors, new vocabulary (at least for me) and compound sentences. I've also chosen this post because it illustrates my personal moment now: heading to university.

Finally, I'd like to talk about my oral skills. Although I'm not able to prove it with evidence here on the blog, I can feel whenever I talk that I can speak fluent English. My spontaneous vocabulary has also increased a lot and I think that my pronunciation is every day a bit better thanks to the films and songs I listen to in English.

All there's left to say on this final post is thank you. Thank you for having read my publications, my tasks but also my thoughts. Thank you, teachers from Castelló, for enabling me to speak another language! From now on I'll continue studying English in order to, some day, be able to speak it not as a second language but as a mother language.

Before saying goodbye, I want to wish luck to all my mates, who are also about to walk some of the most important steps in their lives. All the best to you, and all the best to Gemma, Esther, Milco, and, specially, to Sonia, my English teachers!!!

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